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Kasmir Promet

Zagreb, Croatia

Children's books, youth books, fiction books, education.

V.B.Z. Ltd. Trade Publishing

Zagreb, Croatia

Publisher of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, and children's books. One of the leading Croatian book importers and wholesalers based in Croatia with subsidiaries in Slowenia and Bosnia, and Herzegovina.

Egmont Croatia D.O.O. Hrvatska

Zagreb, Croatia

Biggest children publisher in Croatia, publishing both books and magazines. Program includes Disney, Barbie, Pokemon, Teletubbies and many more. Apart from Croatia, we cover also countries of former Yugoslavia - Slovenia, Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

Egmont d.o.o. Hrvatska

Zagreb, Croatia

Egmont encompasses magazines, comics, books, film, TV-programmes, text-books, games and electronic entertainment. Egmont has activities in 21 countries, and 3,600 dedicated employees reached revenues of EUR 1.173 million in 2005.

Medicinska Naklada d.o.o. Medical Publishing Co.

Zagreb, Croatia

Medicinska Naklada (Medical Publishing Co.), founded in 1964, is leading publisher of medicine literature in Croatia, specialized in publishing medical literature (pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine and health related professions).

Kasmir promet d.o.o.

Zagreb, Croatia

Publisher of children's books, young fiction, multimedia, children's magazines, posters and postcards.

Profil International

Zagreb, Croatia

Publishes obligatory school textbooks, reference books, required school reading, children's books, picture books, activity books, fiction and non-fiction titles for adults, magazines.

Alfa D.D.

Zagreb, Croatia

Our primary business are school books, but we also publish extraordinary cookbooks, very good dictionaries and we are developing all the other publishing areas. We are also known by children's books.

Krscanska sadasnjost

Zagreb, Croatia

Bible, liturgy, theology, documents, catechism, art history, church history, lives of saints, fiction, literature for children.

Verbum d.o.o.

Split, Croatia

Publishers of Christian literature, religion, philosophy.

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