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Expert Comics

Montréal [Canada]

For those that may not know, we are a local comic shop within the Montreal area. Our shop is split into sections, one for our sales floor and one for our web store operations, a layout that facilitates our operations. The store carries thousands of books, toys and collectibles that are continously making their way online. All that to say that we are comic collectors, we are passionate about our books, the creators, the industry and we are very much a local comic shop (With an awesome eXpertFan online customer base).

Laureti Media Group


Specializing in weekly ethnic newspaper and niche magazines. Offering printing and consulting services.

Book Sellers Canada


We provide authors with the following distribution services: Author Website Press Release Social Media Setup Ebook Distribution at Amazon, KoboBooks, Print version Distribution at Chapters,,,, our social media Video Interview Video Interview Distribution on YouTube ISBN Assignment Fast On-Demand Printing Retain Rights to Materials We will get you setup with your own Social Media presence and we'll provide you with you're own custom Facebook and Twitter accounts and pages. Get connected with your audience and have a means to keep them updated of your work. Your book is ready for sale and you want to let the world know. We'll prepare a professional 1 page press release that will be broadcast to leading media departments across the country. We'll also aid you scheduling follow up interview or book review requrests. If you already have a proof file for your physical book and would like to have an ebook available through our distribution network then this option is for you. Have your book available in digital distribution and available for download on all of the most popular ereader or mobile devices. Your ebook will available on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and other leading tablet or smartphone devices. We will discuss mobile application opportunities that will help to promote your book. Reach the broadest audience possible and target Apple, BlackBerry, Windows or Android tablet or smartphone mobile devices. Communicate the power of your book visually with a 2 minute promotional book video. Adding a video service to your marketing strategy is a unique way to invite readers deeper into your book and convey your message to them.

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