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Les Éditions Alire

Québec, Canada

First French-Canadian publisher specializing in the publication of original French-Canadian science-fiction, fantasy thriller & mystery fiction.

Editions Sylvain Harvey

Québec, Canada

Albums touristiques (villes et régions), beaux-livres, romans.

Editeurs universitaires SPACEPOL Academic Publishers

Quebec, Canada

Éditeurs universitaires SPACEPOL Academic Publishers operates in a global niche market, offering high-demand and peer-reviewed academic books and journals in new and emerging fields before they've even reached the drawing board at most other academic publishers. Space Law, Public Innovation and Technology Policy as well as Corporate Strategy for expat firms in hostile markets have been the subject matter of our recent academic book releases. Governments, international agencies and multinational corporations regularly acquire our scientific and legal literature as an essential element in their strategic library collections.

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