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Grupo Editorial Danprewan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Danprewan Editorial Group works in this business for two decades, publishing fiction and non-fiction, national and foreign authors: Christian books, self-help books, literature in general, books for children and youth. Also books on demand. For 19 years changing lifes: this is our motto.

Editora Paz e Terra

São Paulo, Brazil

Born more than 40 years the company gradually won the support of many of Brasil’s brightest intellectuals, who always shared with the defense of freedom of thought and the right to dialogue. Today the authors and titles published by Editora Paz e Terra are references in the areas of humanities and social sciences. Among the authors released by Editora Paz e Terra are Celso Furtado, Paulo Freire, Helio Jaguaribe, Esther Pillar Grossi, Eric. J. Hobsbawm, Michel Foucault, Bruno Bettelheim, Kenneth Maxwell, Georges Duby, Thomas Skidmore, to name a few.

Poiesis Editora

Marilia, Brazil

Poiesis Editora was funded in 2007 with the purpose of bringing translations from others languages to Portuguese and vice-verse. We are focused on the Humanities, especially Philosophy, Education, Literature. But also Sociology, History and Anthropology.

Elementar Publicaçoes e Editora Ltda

São Paulo, Brazil

Committed to educational and believing that only with ethical values ​​can build a more just and united world, the Elementar Publicaçoes e Editora Ltda was founded in 2000 to produce books that children and young people have pleasure in reading and that promote reflection and joy, which stimulates a new world view with a more sensitive eye to scientific and technological advances and promote integration and solidarity among peoples.


São Paulo, Brazil

Transform Brazil through education and democratize access to quality books. This is the goal of DCL and is thinking about it every day work. For more than 40 years in the market, we produce reference works and children's literature! Contributing to the Education, transform and make available all possible knowledge, expanding reader base spreading and encouraging reading for the development of the citizen and society, individually and collectively.

Editora Autores Associados

Campinas, Brazil

Publisher of Human Sciences, mainly Education, Pedagogy, Physical Education, Literary Theory. The titles are based on serious researches accomplished by Brazilian teachers. Recently, Autores Associados has founded two new trademarks: Ciranda de Letras (books for children and young readers) and Armazém do Ipê (general interestings). E-mail:

Editora Uirapuru Ltda

São Paulo, Brazil

Editora especializada em projetos educacionais que envolvem o uso de tecnologias digitais.

Editora Positivo

Curitiba, Brazil

Editora Positivo is one of the largest Brazilian publishing companies. It holds the publishing rights of the most important dictionary of the Portuguese language. Yet, our publishing core is in the educational books and textbooks for schools.

Buitron Editorial

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nossos mapas e guias são baseados na praticidade, com alguns diferenciais que dão maior qualidade: são ilustrados por artistas plásticos além de serem portáteis. Todos cabem em bolsos, porta-luvas, bolsas e camisas. Temos a "expertise" na área de mapas, guias turísticos e culturais. A utilidade do seu conteúdo garante longevidade ao material.

Sá Editora

São Paulo, Brazil

New Brazilian publishing house, Eliana Sá's (ex-Editora Globo), dedicated to adult fiction and non-fiction. Books on journalism, social behavior and modern tendencies. Best-sellers authors: David Servan-Schreiber, Ernesto Che Guevara, Yasmina Khadra, Richard Branson, Chistiane Collange,

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