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WPG Publishers Belgium

Antwerpen, Belgium

WPG Publishers Belgium is one of the biggest publishing companies in Belgium and can pride itself in a history of more than 90 years already. Nothing beats the power of a good story. That’s why we are constantly looking for stories that make us think, that move us or make us laugh. Stories that make us look at the world in a different way and put us in the mood to live life more intensely. The foreign rights department handles the translation rights for our imprints Standaard Uitgeverij and Manteau.

Uitgeverij De Boeck (Member of Group De Boeck)

Antwerpen, Belgium

An educational and academic publisher in Dutch-speaking Belgium.


Antwerpen, Belgium

Literature and crime, modern history, children's books, biography, health, current affairs.

Standaard Uitgeverij/Manteau

Antwerpen, Belgium

Leading publishing company in Belgium (Flanders). Comic books, juvenile fiction and non-fiction, multimedia for children. Literature, non-fiction, cooking, health, popular psychology, dictionary, cartography, business and economics, law.

Ballon Media NV

Antwerpen, Belgium

Ballon Media kent zijn big bang op 1 april 2008. Het startschot om de activiteiten van De Ballon, een kinderboekenuitgever met meer dan twintig jaar ervaring, boekenverdeler Balloon Books en het striplabel Mezzanine samen te brengen onder een nieuwe, gemeenschappelijke koepel.

Tectum Publishing

Antwerpen, Belgium

Tectum publishers is rapidly building up a reputation in publications on architecture, decoration, design and related topics.

Balloon Books

Antwerpen, Belgium

International publisher of high quality educational children's books: board books, sticker books, colouring books, activity books, reading books. Comics for youth and adults. Children's and adult cookery books.

Kanku BVBA

Antwerpen, Belgium

Conception, design and production of high quality illustrated books for the international market.

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